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AT Parenting Survival – PSP 359: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Children – Dr Tamar Black

March 2024

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has been a helpful therapy modality for many people with anxiety and OCD. Often parents wonder how this therapy can be adapted to help children.

Natasha Daniels invited Tamar Black to the AT Parenting Survival Podcast to explain what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is and how it can help our kids with anxiety and OCD.

You can access this podcast here.

A Conversation between Dr Tamar Black and Rebecca Comizio on The ACT Workbook for Kids

March 2024

Kids today are experiencing alarming rates of mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. The good news is there are skills they can learn now to gain psychological flexibility, regulate emotions, and cultivate the resilience needed to navigate life’s many storms. 

You can access this video here.

Mentally Flexible with Tom Parkes

December 2022

Some of the topics we explore include:

– How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy first came into her life

– The important roles Russ Harris and Louise Hayes played in Tamar’s ACT development

– The process behind her new book ACT for Treating Children

– Some of the core differences when working with children in therapy

– Looking at the hexaflex through Tamar’s adapted “ACT Kidflex” model

– And how to use our own experience and psychological flexibility as an agent of change.

You can access this podcast here.

Cocktails & Courageous Conversations with Rikke Kjelgaard

November 2022

Join psychologist and ACT trainer Rikke Kjelgaard as she talks to Dr Tamar Black about how to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with children. This is a webinar in the “Cocktails & Courageous conversations” series where we talk informally about things that matter.

You can access this podcast here.

SPP 149: ACT for Treating Children with Dr Tamar Black

27 June 2022

SPP 149: ACT for Treating Children with Dr. Tamar Black

Join #psychedpodcast as we continue to build our ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) skills! We are pleased to welcome Dr. Tamar Black to speak with us.

You can access this webinar here.

Empowering anxious kids w/ Dr Tamar Black, Educational & Developmental Psychologist

10 August 2022

Season 1, Ep. 45

Anxiety can feel so overwhelming our instinct is often to do anything we can to feel better. In this episode the wonderful Dr Tamar Black, Education and Developmental Psychologist, reminds us that our anxiety cannot hurt us. She also shares ideas, tips and tools to help parents and teachers support anxious kids to manage anxiety, to experience how they feel and to keep doing the things that matter.

You can access this podcast here.

Parenting Booklet

Tamar developed a free booklet for parents to help them support their families with Covid-19.  You can download this free booklet here.

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